Private Coach Directory

The following coaches have gone through Advanced Coach Training with Jody Moore Coaching but otherwise are not affiliated with our organization. These coaches run their own businesses and operate independently. Please contact them directly with questions about their offerings.

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LDS Coach
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Alene Joiner

You do not have to stay stuck in overwhelm and fear. Emotional wealth is the key to the life you want. I show you how to create emotional safety with yourself and others. I help you rewrite your story and find freedom.

Alyson Ellis

I help women who are trying to “do it all,” yet still feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled or depleted (I’ve been there). Coaching taught me that a life filled with more peace, happiness and FUN is completely available. I’d love to help you uncover that for yourself.

Angie Hovis

I help Christian women connect to themselves emotionally. This in turn helps my clients with relationships, goals, and living the life they deserve as the amazing humans that they already are.

Becky Garner

I lived with anxiety, depression, addiction, and self-hate for over 30 years. I understand the struggle and I know how to blow it out of the water. Our sessions will be all about you. Your goals. Your growth. Your transformation.

Benjamin Bernhardt

I help queer youth raised in Mormon Meccas embrace their uniqueness and prayerfully choose a path forward.
I show them being gay, homosexual, or bisexual brings blessings as well as challenges and how to navigate their relationships with God and fellow man.

Candice Clark Stevens

I coach moms who want to keep their relationship with their children AND their faith when their kids don’t come to church.

Devri Ficklin

I help purpose-driven overwhelmed mompreneurs who have too much to do and too little time, take control of their lives. They work less, make more and create a life they LOVE…and through it all, we successfully overcome life’s challenges and Discover Greatness!

Jenice Heaton

As a Peaceful Parenting & Positive Psychology Coach, I help mothers thrive so families flourish. Take personal growth and goals off the back-burner and create a family culture that is healthy, happy, and has harmony. Be the change you wish to see in your home.

Jennifer Townsend

I help women who have experienced betrayal in their marriage to figure out if they want to stay married or get divorced.

Jill Pack

I help women of faith, in the midseason of life, create joyful connections with themselves, others, & God, one adventure at a time.

Kathy Watkins

I help midlife women of faith figure out why they’re unhappy and create more joyful, connected lives with themselves, their families, and God.

Ken Williams

I help men and women find deeper connections with their kids, spouse, and in-laws.

Kim Roberts

I am the Autoimmune Life Coach. I help women feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while living with chronic illness. Let me show you how to manage stress and get on a better healing path so you can shift from survive to thrive.

Kristin Thelin

I help women love their “perfectly imperfect” marriages, one thought at a time. Increase personal desire and have more fulfilling intimacy for yourself – not just for your spouse.

Lacey Jones

I help mothers and teachers work together to heal the public education system from within. I help mothers and teachers develop the confidence needed to tackle the challenges of raising children in today’s world.

Laura Lines

I help homeschool moms “ginger up” their life and create heart learning homes & empower their children emotionally and academically. By achieving our own goals, developing our own gifts, and following our own passions, we empower our children to follow theirs!

Lillie Peery

I help people tap into their best selves and learn to thrive in the lives they have chosen. I help women and men of faith wanting to improve the relationships in their lives. I especially enjoy helping young people prepare for and return from LDS missions.

Lisa Peery

I help children ages 8-12 who struggle with anxiety and other emotional health challenges. I work with the children and their parents to have awareness and learn tools to more successfully manage their challenges together.

Marianne Bandy

As a 2-time Open Heart Surgery survivor, my passion is coaching midlife to later-life women who have life-threatening health challenges or illness. I help you navigate and thrive through the fear, changes in relationships and uncertainty you may be facing.

Natalie Roush

I help men and women that desire more out of life to get out of their own way and confidently make decisions into much more of who they truly are and the life they dream of creating.

Nicole Anderson

I help you navigate relationships in your life. All with a Christ-centered focus.

Rachel Mills

I help stressed out women improve their relationships with their families,jobs and renew their love of self. I focus on teaching practical tools to help individuals become unstuck from negative thought patterns so they can experience the beauty of their lives.

Renee Starling

I help women and teenagers who struggle with anxiety and depression. I provide a safe and loving atmosphere while guiding you to a better, more fulfilling life. I also work with athletes wanting to maximize their mindset and perform at their highest level.

Sherry Cutler

I help people access ever-available HOPE to heal relationships with self and others; to foster self compassion and confidence; to soothe shame and overwhelm; to build resilience, reduce anxiety, process grief, improve marriages and parent-child relationships.

Susie Lindberg

I help parents whose children have ADHD, DMDD, or ODD improve their marriages and their parenting. With my help parents create more peace in their homes, hearts, and marriages.

Tammy Moon

I help women who are over 40 that have 40 or more pounds to lose, to STOP OVEREATING & LOSE WEIGHT for GOOD. I help them take control over their eating & their lives, develop self-confidence & realize true life-changing results.

Tanya Hale

Considering divorce? Getting divorced? Post-divorce? I empower women and men to make their divorce decision with confidence, be the kind person they really are during the divorce, and move forward after divorce into a better life.

Terri Rowland

I help women in their relationships, especially when it comes to in-laws. This is some of the most impactful work I have done on myself. I have been married for 30 years so I have lots of practice! I can help you change that relationship. Let’s go!

Tina Fitzloff

I help women over 40 reconnect with their purpose, rediscover who they are, and become who they want to be.

Amber Insera

I am a faith-based identity and purpose coach – I work with those that are trying to figure out their next step in life as their current circumstances have shifted.

Hilde Verbeek

I specialize in helping people of all genders to manage stress and prevent burnout. I believe that self-care is not selfish, but a gift to yourself and your loved ones. I’d be delighted to be your guide.

Forozan Khan

I help women to find relief from anxiety thru believing in themselves and creating the life they LOVE!

Zach Spafford

Zach is the premier Overcoming Pornography coach in the industry. With decades of experience in coaching and deep personal experience in overcoming pornography, he will guide you or your partner through the toughest trial you might face.

Trisha Biesinger

I am known as The Relationship Coach. I help women have less painful relationships. I teach you how to be yourself and feel empowered in any relationship. You will have less conflict and more connection! Relationships can be fulfilling again and I can show you how.

Tina Su

I am an Autism Mom Coach. I help Moms with Children with Special Needs get out of cycles of mom guilt, overwhelm, fear, worry, shame. I specialize in moms with kids diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing, Auditory Processing, Picky Eating.

Tiffany Rhoton

I love to help young adults ages 17-30 find direction in their life and confidence in their future.

Theresa Diulus

I coach women who want to feel calmer and less overwhelmed in their life.

Tami Schwendiman

I am the coach for high-achieving women in midlife who are ready for change. I support you in designing a life you love without changing your husband or kids.

Susie Funk

I’m your Self Image and Mid-lifestyle Design Coach. I help midlife women of faith recreate a life of beauty, grace and style, reclaim their mind, body and spiritual health and rebuild their relationships starting with the goddess within!

Stacie Oyler

I help women stop feeling crappy about themselves and their body and create a relationship that is compassionate, loving and health-promoting.

Sheri Brasier

I am a Life & Style Coach. I help women find their personal style, level up their wardrobe, and look effortlessly stylish every day. All without the anxiety of going into a dressing room.

Shawna Morrissey

I help restless men and women make the most of their one precious life by creating peace in the past, joy in the present, and confidence in the future. Reserve a free session on my calendar by clicking on the website linked here.

Shaina DeFichy

I help coaches stop quitting on their goals and get the results they want while maintaining balance in all areas of their life.

Sarah Rasmussen

I help moms suffering from painful relationships with their teen and young adult children. I teach you how to process your pain and let it go – so you can start rebuilding the relationship you dream of. It’s totally within your reach. I can teach you how.

Nicoleta Helén

Co-creative, custom curated processes facilitating embodied awareness and unconditional confidence for creatives, innovators, and thought leaders making bold choices in uncertain times. There is no website, no program, no judgment, and no rules.

Nancy Hauschildt

I am an Introvert, Shyness, and Social Anxiety Coach who uses brain science, leadership development, and the application of brain-based principles to support my clients to authentically upgrade their presence, confidence, authority, and influence.

Molly Cash

I coach moms who THOUGHT they were done having kids. Changed your mind? Total surprise? Either way it’s a huge adjustment. I’ll help you lose the guilt, feel better, and create the experience you want with this child while still taking care of yourself.

Misty Thomas

I help people gain clarity, confidence and momentum in their life and business.

Mia Pappas

I help drowning working moms feel better so they can enjoy the lives they’ve worked so hard to create. I’ll help you take back control of your life, your relationships, your emotional health and your time.

Marinda Tervo

I help moms have their own time. Imagine knowing exactly what really fills you up and spending time doing that everyday, even with kids at home. We cover your time, your mindset, and how to plan so you actually follow through.

Marci Owen

Are you a Christian mom over 30 looking to boost your confidence and improve your relationship with yourself? I can help. Together, we’ll tap into your inner strength and revamp your beliefs to empower you to take control of your life with purpose. Let’s work towards a future filled with self-acceptance and confidence. Schedule a free Clarity Call and start your journey today.

Lindsay Lyman

I coach employees who want to be more confident. When you put your worth and identity in your work, anxiety takes over when you don’t feel valued or driven. I teach you how to be excited about your career and feel like you’re a top performer again.

Kyla Beecroft

(Gallup Strengths/Purpose Coach) You have a unique purpose and finding it doesn’t have to be hard. My simple process helps you see how amazing you already are, live a life that lights you up, and have the impact that only you can have. You were born for this!

Kristine Cramer

I love to help my clients find joy and fulfillment in their relationships. I also enjoy helping them to achieve their goals as they become their best and most confident self. I create a neutral and compassionate place for my clients to share their thoughts and experiences free of judgment.

Kristen Moore Sardiña

My specialty is Christian people-pleasers and perfectionists with all-or-nothing thinking and boundary issues. I help clients find freedom, alignment, and empowerment in Scripture. A special 1:1 rate for Be Bold members, their family & friends on my page.

Kendra Harvey

I help women married to physicians gain invaluable skills for taking care of themselves, their families, and their marriages. Is resentment, frustration, or overwhelm your constant companion? There is a solution, and I can help.

Kathy Moffat

I am a marriage and intimacy coach. I work with women and couples to create more connection in and outside the bedroom.

Kathie Nielsen

I provide women with tools and coaching to help them jumpstart joy in their life. I help them renew and ignite more joy and balance while creating a life they love.

Kate Stewart

I am the coach for anyone who struggles with their relationships, body/weight, time, and money. Feeling disorganized or overwhelmed? I teach tools to manage your mind & emotions, prioritize, make decisions and step into action. This work will transform you!

Kate McKay

I help Christian women focus on God through daily doodle devotionals in the form of simple creativity and journaling. No art experience required. Just bring a heart that is open to connecting to your faith in a new way. Soothe your soul in these uncertain times.

Joey Mascio

I help teens build confidence, improve social skills, strengthen relationships, and reach their goals. I am the creator of Sidekick to Hero, a gamified mindset training app for teens with courses, calls, and private coaching.

Jody Long

I specialize in coaching women who have busy brains, ADHD, or simply feel like they don’t fit the typical LDS mold. I help them to overcome overwhelm, unlearn harmful conditioning, and rebuild upon a firm foundation of tools, truth, and application.

Jille Dunsmore

Coaching your Body & Soul! I help women who struggle with emotional eating and sugar or carb addiction set themselves FREE. Learn how to eat all the foods in your life with balance and confidence while creating the body, health, and happiness you deserve!

Jessica Rydalch

I help women drop the overwhelm and confusion around food so they can eat, live, and love the way they want to!

Jenny Larsen, MA

I am a Christian Career, Life, and Purpose Coach – I help moms and their teens know their gifts, find (or redefine) their purpose, feel confident about their direction, navigate all the relationship changes, manage all the emotions, and feel excited about the future.

Jennie Dildine

As the LDS Mission Coach, I help preparing, current and returned missionaries overcome stress and anxiety. I also help them drop perfectionism, serve the successful missions they’ve always dreamed of, and navigate their post mission experience with confidence.

Jacquel Tholl

I support women like you with a FREE MONTH of coaching to help you overcome any problems in your life by looking unto Christ in every thought. Beating yourself up verbally isn’t the way. Check out my website to get started!

Jenie Hunter

I help families with LGBTQ children thrive in their faith, family and community. Join us in the Lift+Love Coaching Community where you can get private help, connect with other parents and learn the tools to navigate these waters in complete privacy.

Heidi Mark

I coach Empty Nester Mormon Moms on intentional self care so they have energy to show up in their lives at their best & develop great relationships with their grown up kids!

Heidi Benjaminsen

I help mothers of teenagers show up as the anchored, confident and calm examples they want to be for their family.

Heather Rasband

I work with each client individually through private one-on-one coaching to show you the root cause of your problems. Together, we create a solution to each challenge in a personalized way that works best for you. Come with me. I can show you the way!

Heather Daines

I work with parents who want a better understanding of how to discipline, set boundaries and most importantly enjoy their children at any stage.

Emily Wardrop

I will help you believe that You ARE a Good Mom. You will learn how to be your own parenting expert. We will “Drop the War” on Mom Guilt so that you can create Peace in your parenting to enjoy yourself and your kids!

Emily Byrd

I offer affordable, 25 min coaching on whatever you need at the time. No expensive programs. JUST COACHING!
I especially enjoy working with you on your faith journey and helping you navigate relationships with other people.

Delene Ostler

I coach people that think they aren’t good enough. Is that you? Do you want to feel better but don’t know where to start? I’ll show you the way. I have the tools that you need to turn it around and choose a better life.

Deb Winward

I help moms in their 40’s lose weight and reinvent themselves in the process.

Danielle Vaughn

I help parents improve their relationship with high achieving kids (music/sports/4.0ers) and teach Emotional Intelligence skills to both kids and parents so you can succeed at big goals (musical arts performance, sports mindset, Ivy League school admissions.)

Danielle Thienel

I help overwhelmed moms get unstuck so you can start getting the peace and balance you want in your life right now to be the most effective you. God meant for you to be a thriving, happy, healthy mom. Find it here with both 1:1 and group coaching offerings.

Crystal Haitsma

I am a Canadian homeschooling mother of 4 and Parenting Life Coach. I help parents use connection and love to heal their parent-child relationships from the inside out.

Crystal Farrell

I am your personal finance coach! I can help you get out of debt, grow your net worth, and get ready for retirement – no matter your age. As a SAHM who replaced her husband’s salary with passive income in less than 5 years, I want to help you be rich!

Christine Cook

I help LDS Women who are questioning their beliefs but want to stay. I help them figure out how to hear Him, let go of shame, find answers to questions and have a close connected relationship with God. They go from surviving their faith journey to thriving.

Chantel Allen

I help anxious women create calm out of the chaos in their relationships and lives. Transformation is an inside job. You need to feel what you’re feeling. You need to acknowledge what you’re thinking and learn how to reframe all of it.

Candice Toone

I help women stop wondering if they married the wrong guy so they can start creating the relationship they truly deserve.

Camilla Rasmussen

I am a Goal Keeper. I help you make and keep your goals so that you can start having the life you’ve always wanted. I help you break habits and create the habits you need to accomplish the goals you have.

Bonnie Lyman

I help Moms FINALLY be able to connect with their adult children. I help moms get out of pain from being in a painful relationship with adult children and into a relationship of unconditional love. I can help you…..because I’ve been down that path.

Amber McNamee

I help moms create the home life of their dreams. Whether you desire to be the fun mom, the creative mom, the calm mom, or anywhere in between, let me help you make it a reality!

Amber Haider

I help mothers find themselves after years of personal sacrifice. We use your gifts, talents, and passions to reawaken your “self”, and do it without feeling guilt or selfishness. I also coach amateur ballroom dancers.

Allyson Cole

Divorced? Ready to move on and create your own version of happily ever after? I help Christian women make peace with the past, rebuild their self-confidence, find renewed purpose and an abundant future. Ready to fall in love with your life? Let me show you how!

Abby Green

I help you reclaim your personal power, create momentum, be more physically rested, mentally refreshed, emotionally grounded, stop overthinking and be authentically you. Through deliberate habit creation, we design a consistent lifestyle so you can simply thrive.