Remember what you got her
last year for Christmas? 
Neither does she.
Note: This annual membership gift option is only available for a limited time.
Do you want to know what she really wants?
She really wants to feel more inspired and less overwhelmed. To be confident. To figure out who she is outside of someones mom. She wants a year long membership to Be Bold.

Be Bold is a virtual program created by Master Coach Instructor Jody Moore. It combines virtual classes with access to Jody and other coaches to help participants not only learn the concepts, but apply them to up level their lives.

Mental and emotional health is as important as physical health. Most people do not have a practice of strengthening or improving their health in this way. Be Bold is the gym for your heart and mind.

When you purchase this gift, you will receive a printable letter to wrap up that will explain how to log in. Access will begin on Jan 1, 2020 and will continue through the end of the year.

Along with access to all of the content in Be Bold, we will be sending the bonus booklet, "But What If I'm Right?" With illustrations and wisdom from Jody Moore. This booklet is available only to annual Be Bold members and only for a limited time.

Booklets will be sent out in January.

Once Christmas is gone, so is this offer:
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The theme this year in Be Bold is "Life On Purpose" and topics will include: 
  • Planning On Purpose
  • Thinking On Purpose
  • Feeling On Purpose
  • Creating On Purpose
  • Happiness On Purpose 
  • Wanting On Purpose
  • Connection On Purpose
  • Knowing Yourself On Purpose 
  • Embracing Your Life On Purpose
  • Habits On Purpose 
  • Compassion On Purpose
  • Abundance On Purpose
Here's How It Works
  1. Participants get a new class taught by Jody with a new topic every month.
  2. Classes include worksheets and tools each month to help  implement what we're learning. 
  3. Choose from multiple virtual calls available every week that offer the opportunity to be coached, listen to others get coached, ask questions and get live answers, get help with the homework and connect with other like-minded individuals. 
  4. Participants have access to help via an "Ask a Coach" page online where they can submit anonymous questions any time of the night or day. 
  5. Watch replay recordings of all calls and classes as you go through the program in case you can’t attend live or you choose to revisit anything you are learning. 
  6. Participants also get access to bonus content such as the Family Home Evening Lesson Series, the Weight Loss Course, Entrepreneur courses, the Missionary Tool Kit, and over a half dozen previously taught courses on topics such as anxiety, relationships, parenting, confidence and money.
An entire year for only $475
This is the gift she will remember for years to come.
This Program Is Ideal For:

People with kids of all ages or no kids at all.

People who are interested in personal development and learning about human behavior. 

Anyone wanting to be stronger, happier and more empowered in any area of their lives.

People who want to set goals and conquer them.

Anyone who has found the podcast to resonate with them.

Anyone understand that the best gift they can give their loved ones is a happy, healthy thriving version of them.

This program is NOT for everyone. It's only for individuals who are willing to do hard things. It's for the person who has been taking care of everyone else and deserves to have someone take care of them. It's for people who are unique and amazing even if they don't always see it themselves.