Do you wish you could have an experience that would accelerate your growth and up level your confidence? Are you ready to help get this work into the world? 

Are you ready to view your life, the people in it, and yourself so differently that there is no going back?

Are you tired of the cycle of working toward your goal, then getting stuck and reverting back to old ways, or never making the progress that you know you could be making?

Do you want to be more knowledgeable about how to use the model to improve yourself and to help others around you? 

Have you considered going to coach training but not sure you really want to start a business? 

Do you want to help Jody out by speaking or teaching to groups who are anxious to apply this work? 

Introducing Be Bold Masters

We are taking everything to the next level.

We are going deep.

We are going to spend 6 days together immersing ourselves in coaching.

Your husband goes to conferences for his job and receives development and growth as a result.

Your kids go to camps and on missions and come back changed forever.

Be Bold Masters is for you.

What Is It?
A personal development experience unlike anything else out there. Work closely with Jody (and in smaller group breakouts with supporting coaches) to incorporate this work on a deeper level.
We Will Cover
• Unconditional Love
• Clean Parenting
• Spiritual Maturity
• Self-Care and Confidence
• Emotional Adulthood
• How to Count on You
• Cause vs. Symptom
• Weight Loss Tools
• Belief Systems 

• Money is Math
• The Truth About Money
• Overspending
• Figuring Out What You Want to Do
• Figuring Out How to Do It
• Outcome and Goal Cultivation
• Passive and Massive Action
​​​​​​​• Your Dream Excuse
• Public Speaking about this work
​​​​​​​• Teaching others about this work

Here Are The Details

When: May 6 - 11, 2019. We will begin Monday the 6th at 1:00pm and end on Saturday the 11th at noon.

Where: Davenport Grand Hotel 333 West Spokane Falls Boulevard, Spokane, WA 99201  

Workshop Price: 4 monthly payments of $1,350 or 1 payment of $5,000.  

You’ll want to budget for your travel and accommodations as well. The Davenport is a lovely hotel and offers a 15% discount to our guests, but you are welcome to stay anywhere you choose in the Spokane area.  

You will have time each day to get lunch and there are many food options within walking distance of the hotel.  

If you’re ready to have an experience that changes everything, then don’t wait as space is limited.  

If you’re ready to make this the year that you stop making excuses and start changing your life, then I’ll see you there.  

Jody Moore