Are you ready to feel better, happier, and more confident?

This is Be Bold.

Does this sound at all familiar to you?

You have the life you said you’ve always wanted. It looks like it’s been plucked from a fairytale.

Your kids are these beautiful bundles of joy, the best of both you and your husband. They’re everything you could’ve asked for when you first imagined you’d be a mother.

Even though it all looks so sturdy to everyone else, on the inside it feels like the foundation is cracking.

No matter how much appreciation you have for the life you built, there’s still something missing.

Despite all of the wonderful things brought into your world, you don’t feel complete.

When you join me in Be Bold, it will feel like everything has changed.

You'll understand the power of your thoughts and how to manage them.

You'll learn how to quiet the critical voice in your head telling you you're not enough.

You'll learn how to process feelings in a healthy way.

Hi, my name is Jody Moore, and I’m a Certified Master Life Coach for mothers struggling to find fulfillment in their already amazing lives.

Being a wife, mother of 4, and an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I know all too well there’s a serious lack of resources for mothers coping with, well, motherhood. That’s why I created this program.

The tools I teach in Be Bold saved me. And I am passionate about sharing them with you now.

Serving your family is a noble thing to do. But neglecting your own needs doesn’t benefit anyone. In Be Bold you’ll learn to find balance between self-care and loving others.

I hit rock bottom years ago and wondered what was wrong with me.

Therapy helped until a certain point and then it couldn’t offer me more.

But when I discovered the power of life coaching, I was able to not only solve for the problems in my life…

I suddenly became empowered to do things I’d never dreamed were possible.

Things like…

That’s when I started working towards my coaching certification with The Life Coach School.

I’ve been a coach for over 8 years now, and I’ve coached tens of thousands of individuals on every topic under the sun.

Be Bold is where true transformation happens.

And if you want to experience this change for yourself

come join me in

Be Bold

Inside Be Bold you'll get:

All for just $59 a month.

Cancel anytime. (We mean it. A couple of clicks and you’re done.)

You'll learn more about topics such as:

I said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t need to turn your life on its head to be fulfilled.

All you need is to work through your old patterns, replace them with new ones, and create a space in your head where the default setting supports your own happiness.

It’s about using the right tools to feed your fullfillment and from there you won’t be missing a single thing in your life.

In fact, you’ll come to see that you’ve had everything you’ve ever wanted and the only the thing getting in the way of your happiness is something you were never in control of in the first place.

And now that you’re aware, you do have control over it.

You can make the changes that will serve you in life.

You can Be Bold.

But now, you have to choose it.


Why would you have to be either of those things to improve your life? Of course not!

All are welcome in Be Bold. Beyond that, just about anyone can benefit from the practical skillset you’ll learn in the program.

These tools aren’t just for how to be a better mom—they’re tools for how to be a better person.

Tools for being more present. Tools for shifting your perspective. Tools to make your default mode positive instead of negative.

These are tools to navigate life.

Absolutely! My stance on this is one membership per household so everyone in your family can grow with you.

When’s the right time to do anything that’ll dramatically improve your day to day life while helping you lead with calm, compassionate care?

When’s the right time to foster deeper relationships with your family and yourself?

When’s the right time to put you first while still being able to keep everyone else as a priority?

The right time to start was 6 months ago, the next best time to start is now.

The way Be Bold is set up on the backend is pretty simple: you enter at any point in the month of February, you’ll get February’s workshop.

You may not get everything from past months but as the year progresses, you’ll continue to learn all the practical tools needed.

And trust me, you’ll get so much bonus content on top of the workshops right when you join, you’ll have PLENTY if you want to dive right in. (I’ll get to the bonus content in a minute.)

You’ll have access to all of the content for as long as you’re a member.

If you decide to leave Be Bold after 4 months and come back at another time, you’ll have to start from the top.

But wait, there’s good news that comes with this: absolutely EVERYTHING inside the portal is downloadable.

That means every month you can upload the workshops, bonuses, and any other documents to your computer and take them with you wherever you go!

When you first join Be Bold, you’ll get access to my bonus vault full of trainings I’ve done over the years.

There’s an in depth course on weight loss.
There’s tools to help prepare your teenager emotionally for leaving the house.
There’s trainings on how to handle anxiety.

There’s over $2000 worth of trainings available to you right as you sign up.

The short answer is no.

The long answer is more complicated.

Everyone thinks they need private coaching at first because they want focused attention on their problems. They feel so strongly that individualized attention is what they need until they get into the group coaching and see how valuable it is to be part of a community.

See, you’ll get answers to questions you didn’t feel comfortable enough to share yourself. You’ll get answers to questions you didn’t even know you needed.

You’ll end up learning more simply just hearing other people get coached. Whenever you want to, you can come on the calls and get coached in front of everyone.

And if you still don’t feel comfortable with that, there’s always the option to fill out the anonymous “Ask a coach” form I’ve set up for anyone who’s a bit camera shy.

*Occasionally there is some private coaching available, but you’ll learn all about that in the membership.*

Of course you can!

The full year is just $575 so if you’re interested in saving over $100 (or 2 free months) off the bat, definitely consider that option.

Just think about it, you’re already saving on Chick-Fil-a just paying month to month but now you’re saving EVEN MORE simply for paying in full. A pretty neat deal, don’t you think?

Because you have to do the work yourself and really dedicate the time and effort into making it work, I can’t give you a solid answer.

Everyone is different.
Everyone is facing different hurdles in life.
Everyone has a different set of circumstances.

I will recommend you give it a year as that’s when you’ve had enough time to process everything that’s been handed to you over time.

The goal is to shift the way your mind thinks. And if we want to simplify the process, the mind is a muscle—it doesn’t get stronger in just a couple of months.

It takes time to build these foundations, so give it time.

There definitely is.

Once you reach the six month mark on Be Bold, you’ll officially get VIP status.

VIP members get an advanced call once a month with yours truly and get invited to an exclusive in person event my team throws once a year.

(We don’t sell tickets to this event, it’s only for those VIPS who’ve proven that they’re willing to do what’s necessary to make shifts in their thinking.)

The answer is both yes and no.

Since I can’t guarantee that you’ve put in an honest effort, I can’t give everyone their money back on good faith that they tried.

However, even if you choose the annual plan, you’re only getting charged $59 for the first month so you can try it out before fully committing.

After that you’ll get charged for an additional 12 full months at $575. (So that’s 13 months of Be Bold!)

All you have to do is fill out an online form and we’ll immediately cancel your membership, no questions asked.

We won’t try to convince you to stay, it has to be your choice to Be Bold.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email [email protected]

Our support team is here to help you work through making your decision and is available to you throughout your time in the program.

If you have additional questions about Be Bold, we’re happy to answer them. Send them to email [email protected].