If you’re a mom who values family but feels like you’re falling short, you need to take 5 minutes to read this page…

Here's the truth:

How You Treat Yourself
Effects How You Treat Others

Discover the simple strategies my clients and I have used to alleviate anxiety, foster deeper, more meaningful relationships, and BE BOLD.

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Does this sound at all familiar to you?

You have the life you said you’ve always wanted. It looks like it’s been plucked from a fairytale.

The rock of the family you so happily call your husband is a provider, a partner, a lover.

Your kids are these beautiful bundles of joy, the best of both you and your husband. They’re everything you could’ve asked for when you first imagined you’d be a mother.

To the outside world, you live a picture perfect life.

You have everything you asked for. The friends, the family, the community you’re in, all of it down to the type of house you’d live in, you got it.

Even though it all looks so sturdy to everyone else, on the inside it feels like the foundation is cracking.

No matter how much appreciation you have for the life you built, there’s still something missing.

Despite all of the wonderful things brought into your world, you don’t feel complete.

In fact, you feel the exact opposite.

You and your husband argue more than you’d like.

It’s not always about big things, sometimes it’s as small as wanting him to take out the trash. But considering he’s the head of the family, you back down.

And the more you keep up with this pattern, the more it’s starting to feel like your opinion doesn’t matter as much as it used to.

The kids, while still your heart and soul, are hitting those teen years and starting to rebel.

Kids causing problems isn’t generally an issue, that’s what kids do, but you look around at other families and it feels like you’ve done something wrong while raising them.

They’re threatening to run away, they’re starting to talk back and disrespect you any chance they get—you feel like you’re losing a grip on your identity as a mother.


You can’t control your eating habits no matter how hard you try.

Your motivation to work in any capacity is at an all time low.

Everything that’s supposed to make you happy only makes you wish for more.

But more what? More from your life? More love? More appreciation for what you do as a mother?

No matter how many times you ask yourself, you can never seem to put your finger on it.

And what eats away at you the most is that you feel like everyone else in your community has the perfect family, except YOU.

You look around the houses in your neighborhood and all you can think is,

“Jody’s kids don’t talk back to her or threaten to run away when she tells them no.”

“Melissa’s husband actually listened to her when she suggested recycling in the house.”

“Tammy’s life is so perfect. She’s fit, she’s happy, and her family actually still eats together EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with my family?

You want to know the truth? It’s not at all what you think it is…

There’s nothing wrong with you OR your family—the issue is the expectations society has placed on your relationships.

The issue is with how you’ve been taught to react to negative situations in your life.

The issue lies with the unconscious thoughts and patterns you never even got to choose.

Hi, my name is Jody Moore, and I’m a Certified Master Life Coach for mothers struggling to find fulfillment in their already amazing lives.

Being a wife, mother of 4, and an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I know all too well there’s a serious lack of resources for mothers coping with, well, motherhood.

We’re told that our identities should revolve around being a mother first and anything else second. You’re supposed to give to your family, your community, and be happy with sacrificing the things you want to do.

This realization struck me when I was watching a video on the power of service.

It starts out with this mother who’s clearly overwhelmed and overloaded with responsibility.

She wipes down the whole house by herself, goes to pick up the kids, cares for them, cooks for them, and even though she’s at the center of chaos, people ask her for favors throughout the day.

Lo and behold, she says yes to EVERYTHING.

Now she’s taking care of other peoples kids, running errands, and while all of this is happening, the only moment she’s excited for in her day is going to see her cousin at the airport during a layover…

…and she misses it.

At first, she’s let down that she couldn’t do the one thing she was looking forward to but the video ends with the people in her life giving gratitude for all the help she’s given them.

And while this idea of “no good deed goes unnoticed” is a great message, the video is also broadcasting a secondary message:

“Serving others at the expense of abandoning yourself is real love.”

That made me so mad.

Not because of this one video, but because this is the message all of society is giving mothers.

Don’t get me wrong here, there is value in service, we should be of service to others.

But there’s a very fine line between pointing out the nobility of sacrifice in servicing and people pleasing.

Servicing is something you choose to do, people pleasing is something you feel obligated to do—it’s at your own expense.

“Go the extra mile for your loved ones. Make them feel special and taken care of.”

But it’s no longer a case of going the extra mile to take care of others.

It’s about how every mile is the extra mile. It’s about going 10 extra miles with no care for yourself and thinking that’s okay.

That’s how we end up glorifying neglect.

See, through my years of coaching tens of thousands of mothers, by far the biggest contributor to unhappiness and unfulfillment is self abandonment.

But why? It’s because much like yourself, they’re always saying “yes” to everyone else and “no” to just about everything for themselves.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re watering a seed of resentment that was planted long ago and now you’re experiencing this lack of fulfillment.

The more we glorify neglect, self neglect at that, the more unfulfilled we become in our lives.

Now, focusing on you doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re dying for a hotshot career as an executive or to drop everything and spend a summer backpacking Europe like a college grad.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean you have to stop taking care of everyone else.

Sometimes it’s just about the little things you want to do throughout the day or week.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean:

Going to a yoga class you love

Making time for friends and dinner dates

Pampering yourself with a facial or getting your nails done

Those things are great, definitely do them if you like them, but the point is to find the root of why you haven’t been doing things for yourself in the first place.

They don’t have to be life altering changes in order for there to be a massive transformation from within.

Even the little things like journaling or just taking the time to enjoy a cup of herbal tea can make big shifts in how you show up in life.

At the end of the day, you don’t have to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of others. You don’t have to fill the cups of others before you fill your own.

You don’t have to be a martyr.

And I know this because I’ve lived both lives.

Before going on my personal coaching journey, I’d been laid off by my corporate job.

At the time I was caught between a rock and a hard place:

Either find another job and do the thing that fulfilled me but feel like I’m turning my back on taking care of the family.


Stay at home “like I’m supposed to”, take care of the kids, and deny myself something that brought me happiness.

For a while, I didn’t go out to find a job.

And I felt fine at first, but I noticed shifts in my personality.

Sitting there waiting for my kids to be done playing with their firetrucks, I couldn’t be the mom I wanted to be and that crushed me.

But instead of continuing to live in those negative emotions and allow them to fester, I took a step forward towards the things that still excited me in life: the management of thoughts, feelings, and human behavior.

As I was finding myself and exploring what I actually wanted to do, I started to analyze everything I’d done in the corporate world.

“I was essentially coaching people back at my old job, why couldn’t I just do that?”

Thinking on that harder, I found myself scrolling through my bookmarks for a specific blog I’d been following for a while and boom, I found it.

That’s when I started working towards my coaching certification with
The Life Coach School.

I took a leap of faith not knowing what I’d do with a life coach certification, but I’m so glad I did because that’s where I developed the tools to lean into my best self.

And the funny thing was, despite there being more on my plate while building a business, my life completely flipped when I rediscovered coaching.

Maybe I wasn’t glued to the family 24/7 but when I was with them, I was really “with them.”

I actually felt like a good mom, a good wife, a good contributing member of my community.

And that’s when it hit me: If I wanted to keep up feeling like this, if I wanted to keep showing up as “the good mom”, I had to fill up my own cup before filling anyone elses.

Because when I was happy, I was able to bring that happiness back to the family.

But hey, I know how it feels for you right now.

It feels like families just aren’t “families” anymore. Like you’re living under the same roof with roommates who simply share the same DNA.

The space between you and your loved ones is growing.

There’s more yelling. There’s more resentment. And it’s not just taking a toll on you, it’s taking a toll on everyone.

It can feel like the whole family suffers when you suffer.

Because you’re the glue that keeps everything together, right?

You want to make them happy. You want to stop raising your voice. You want to stop feeling bitter but at the end of the day, it’s not working—you’re not connecting the way you want to.

Because no matter how hard you try to fix the distance, it feels like they’re only getting further away.

And there’s shame in that.

This isn’t what a family should be like, right?

You had this completely different image in your head of what life would be like once you were a mom.

It was supposed to be wondrous, fantastic, fulfilling.

But mother to mother, despite all of the messiness that comes with having a family, I’m here to tell you something: it can be all those amazing things.

It’s available for you, but only if you’re willing to work for it.

And most importantly I’m here to remind you of something: you’re more than enough—your patterns are just tricking you into thinking and feeling like you’re not.

Here’s what I mean by tricky patterns:

When we’re born, we start out as very eager sponges.

Our brains want to soak in absolutely everything from our surroundings and from the ages of 0 to around 7 years old, they begin to formulate patterns that dictate how you’re going to live your life.

Your beliefs, how you treat people, how you react to people, all of that is getting shoved into your brain as a child subconsciously without you even knowing it.

As time develops, we may pick up a few new patterns here and there but we always find our way back to those core patterns we had growing up.

At first thought, this isn’t really a problem being that LDS familys have strong values based around togetherness, love, and care—but that’s not the issue.

As adults, we have the best of intention for doing what we do.

We understand intention: it’s not about what we do, it’s about the end result.

The way there may not be the cleanest, there might be discomfort, there might be friction, but at least we’re getting there. At least you understand what all the discomfort and suffering was for.

With kids, especially younger children, they don’t understand intention yet. They don’t understand why they have to suffer in the first place.

For example: when your kid makes you late because they haven’t put their shoes on and you’ve asked them 6 times, they don’t understand why being late matters.

All they recognize is getting yelled at for something that doesn’t make sense and that can feel unsafe to a child.

But that’s the root of the issue.

We aren’t yelling at the kid because we’re late, we’re yelling because it’s the last straw.
We’re yelling because we aren’t being listened to.
We’re yelling because we aren’t happy with all the other things happening in our lives.

This isn’t me saying you need to drop everything or that it’s all of a sudden okay to be late.

All I’m saying is as adults, we have a greater capacity to identify long term effects and benefits of short term discomfort. We think about the future.

Kids care about what’s right now—they’re in the moment.

And frankly, you being upset about the situation doesn’t change their behavior, it only puts you in a bad mood.

So now you’re mad AND you’re late which only makes everything worse.

(You could change the pattern and just be late, that’s much easier to deal with…)

My point is, when you bring awareness to your own patterns and actively look to create new ones that are self serving, you start to understand yourself a little more.

You start to realize how much power you actually have over your life.

Your relationships change, your reactions change, you become more at peace with everything going on.

That’s why it’s so important to understand how our brains operate.

That’s why we need to learn how to reclaim control of the thoughts and feelings running through our minds.

And That's Why I


Be Bold

When you choose to join Be Bold, I’ll be showing you all the parts of yourself. I’ll be showing you why embracing your strengths AND your weaknesses is the way to create what you truly want in your life.

We’re not aiming for perfection here.

We’re aiming for intentionally feeling however you want to feel, being who you want to be, and creating what you want to create.

See, Be Bold isn’t about changing every aspect of your life, that’s not the path to happiness.

The fix your looking for is rooted in changing how you perceive everything.

It’s about rewiring your brain to place more value on the positives while still being able to calmly navigate the negatives.

It’s about understanding who you are, owning it, and from that place of understanding, making necessary changes—on the inside or out.

It’s about showing love and compassion to yourself so you can use that to give love and compassion to everyone around you.

And beyond some simple self discovery and a few tips to better show up in life, you’ll also learn:

And so much more…

In Be Bold, there will be a workshop for you to dive into every single month.

Each workshop will address a new topic that just about anyone would be able to benefit from and will expand your mind so you can enjoy the life that you’re living, fully.

Like I said earlier, you don’t have to change everything about your life, you just need to shift how you’re thinking about it.

It would be a different story if you truly weren’t a match for your partner, but you are.

Like any relationship, there are moments of friction and that’s totally normal. The relationship might not need to change, just the way you’re communicating with each other and processing information.

It would be a totally different story if your kids were truly troubled, but they’re not.

They don’t need to be sent to boarding school to get their attitudes adjusted, they aren’t lashing out because they want to hurt you, they just want to feel heard.

It would be a totally different story if you hated your life, but you don’t.

You’re just not honoring your own values or interests, and that’s eating away at you and it’s making everything else feel as if it’s not right.

When you start to make these mental shifts and start to pour more into yourself and take care of yourself, you’ll start to see true fullfillment.

You’ll see that you’re able to be a good mother to your kids, a good wife to your husband, AND a good caretaker to yourself.


You don’t have to make any sacrifices at your own expense.



Putting you first doesn’t mean the family will suffer for coming second.

These workshops start with the foundations: creating a deeper understanding of the problems we’re facing and why they exist to begin with.

Keen awareness is the first step to solving anything.

Next we need to get to acceptance, being soft with ourselves and recognizing that we aren’t perfect people.

You’re allowed to make mistakes so long as you’re willing to do the work to grow from them. (I’ll make sure to give you some exercises on how to sit with that acceptance.)

From there we lean into practical ways to solve these problems and talk about the tools needed to actually get the job done.

Once you’ve started to implement the thoughts and practices we go over in the workshops, life will start to look so different for you.

It’ll be more manageable, more fulfilling, more FUN.

These workshops cover topics such as

And the best part is at the end of the year when we start a new workshop, we’re building on a previous year of development for you.

Just take a look at some of the favorite workshops from the many mothers who’s lives have changed in only a year:

So why $59 a month for Be Bold?

Well, it’s pretty simple, I wanted to make this program accessible to absolutely anyone who needed help shifting their mind to a place where gratitude and compassion are the default settings.

At the end of the day, just about anyone can afford $59 a month, especially if it means that money can be used to completely turn around how you look at your life.

Just think about it like this: How many times a week are you so stressed and overwhelmed that cooking is just not an option for you?

How many times have you opted out of food in your fridge to go and pick up a family meal at a fast food restaurant like Chick-fil-A?

A family style meal starts at $30—so let’s be conservative and say you go to pick up Chick-fil-A once a week for dinner.

$30 a week x 4 weeks= a total of $120 a month on fast food, (and $1440 over the course of a year!)

But you’re only getting those family style dinners from Chick-fil-A because you’re too drained from forcing life to happen your way, right?

You’re tired because you worry about things you don’t want to worry about.

You’re tired because you’re running in circles yelling, crying, getting frustrated, OF COURSE you don’t have enough energy to always make dinner—you’re emotionally drained.

Which brings me to a more important question: If you joined Be Bold right now, would saving $61 a month AND changing the relationship you have to your entire life be worth it?

I said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t need to turn your life on it’s head to be fulfilled.

All you need is to work through your old patterns, replace them with new ones, and create a space in your head where the default setting supports your own happiness.

It’s about using the right tools to feed your fullfillment and from there you won’t be missing a single thing in your life.

In fact, you’ll come to see that you’ve had everything you’ve ever wanted and the only the thing getting in the way of your happiness is something you were never in control of in the first place.

And now that you’re aware, you do have control over it.

You can make the changes that will serve you in life.

You can Be Bold.

But now, you have to choose it.


Why would you have to be either of those things to improve your life? Of course not!

All are welcome in Be Bold. Beyond that, just about anyone can benefit from the practical skillset you’ll learn in the program.

These tools aren’t just for how to be a better mom—they’re tools for how to be a better person.

Tools for being more present. Tools for shifting your perspective. Tools to make your default mode positive instead of negative.

These are tools to navigate life.

Absolutely! My stance on this is one membership per household so everyone in your family can grow with you.

When’s the right time to do anything that’ll dramatically improve your day to day life while helping you lead with calm, compassionate care?

When’s the right time to foster deeper relationships with your family and yourself?

When’s the right time to put you first while still being able to keep everyone else as a priority?

The right time to start was 6 months ago, the next best time to start is now.

The way Be Bold is set up on the backend is pretty simple: you enter at any point in the month of February, you’ll get February’s workshop.

You may not get everything from past months but as the year progresses, you’ll continue to learn all the practical tools needed.

And trust me, you’ll get so much bonus content on top of the workshops right when you join, you’ll have PLENTY if you want to dive right in. (I’ll get to the bonus content in a minute.)

You’ll have access to all of the content for as long as you’re a member.

If you decide to leave Be Bold after 4 months and come back at another time, you’ll have to start from the top.

But wait, there’s good news that comes with this: absolutely EVERYTHING inside the portal is downloadable.

That means every month you can upload the workshops, bonuses, and any other documents to your computer and take them with you wherever you go!

When you first join Be Bold, you’ll get access to my bonus vault full of trainings I’ve done over the years.

There’s an in depth course on weight loss.
There’s tools to help prepare your teenager emotionally for leaving the house.
There’s trainings on how to handle anxiety.

There’s over $2000 worth of trainings available to you right as you sign up.

The short answer is no.

The long answer is more complicated.

Everyone thinks they need private coaching at first because they want focused attention on their problems. They feel so strongly that individualized attention is what they need until they get into the group coaching and see how valuable it is to be part of a community.

See, you’ll get answers to questions you didn’t feel comfortable enough to share yourself. You’ll get answers to questions you didn’t even know you needed.

You’ll end up learning more simply just hearing other people get coached. Whenever you want to, you can come on the calls and get coached in front of everyone.

And if you still don’t feel comfortable with that, there’s always the option to fill out the anonymous “Ask a coach” form I’ve set up for anyone who’s a bit camera shy.

*Occasionally there is some private coaching available, but you’ll learn all about that in the membership.*

Of course you can!

The full year is just $575 so if you’re interested in saving over $100 (or 2 free months) off the bat, definitely consider that option.

Just think about it, you’re already saving on Chick-Fil-a just paying month to month but now you’re saving EVEN MORE simply for paying in full. A pretty neat deal, don’t you think?

Because you have to do the work yourself and really dedicate the time and effort into making it work, I can’t give you a solid answer.

Everyone is different.
Everyone is facing different hurdles in life.
Everyone has a different set of circumstances.

I will recommend you give it a year as that’s when you’ve had enough time to process everything that’s been handed to you over time.

The goal is to shift the way your mind thinks. And if we want to simplify the process, the mind is a muscle—it doesn’t get stronger in just a couple of months.

It takes time to build these foundations, so give it time.

There definitely is.

Once you reach the six month mark on Be Bold, you’ll officially get VIP status.

VIP members get an advanced call once a month with yours truly and get invited to an exclusive in person event my team throws once a year.

(We don’t sell tickets to this event, it’s only for those VIPS who’ve proven that they’re willing to do what’s necessary to make shifts in their thinking.)

The answer is both yes and no.

Since I can’t guarantee that you’ve put in an honest effort, I can’t give everyone their money back on good faith that they tried.

However, even if you choose the annual plan, you’re only getting charged $59 for the first month so you can try it out before fully committing.

After that you’ll get charged for an additional 12 full months at $575. (So that’s 13 months of Be Bold!)

All you have to do is fill out an online form and we’ll immediately cancel your membership, no questions asked.

We won’t try to convince you to stay, it has to be your choice to Be Bold.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email [email protected]

Our support team is here to help you work through making your decision and is available to you throughout your time in the program.