Wellness should be your natural state. Let’s get you back there.

Ready to feel better? Save your Spot.

March 20 – 24, 2023
9:00 am – 10:30 am PDT
Replays will be available if you can’t attend live

*Replays also posted in Be Bold FREE for members
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Why Wellness Week?

If you are tired of feeling down, lacking energy, being overwhelmed or maybe even bored, stressed or snappy…

It is time to work towards re-awakening your soul. Finding what you truly desire. Spring means blossoms on trees, baby chicks and goats, the awakening of flowers, and it can also mean that you awaken and turn to wellness.

What you can expect during these 5 days
Wellness is a state of health, happiness, and prosperity according to the World Health Organization. To achieve this state, we are going to focus on the 5 main pillars of wellness, one each day.
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Monday, March 20 - Emotional Health
Tuesday, March 21 - Physical Health
Wednesday, March 22 - Financial Health
Thursday, March 23 - Social Health
Friday, March 24 - Spiritual Health

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I am going to teach you how what you may be thinking is keeping you stuck. Why getting leverage over one or all these areas of health is easier than you think. I will not only show you how to do the work, but we will do it together during Wellness Week.
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It is possible to achieve wellness in 5 days.
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If you are ready to feel happy, healthier, and more prosperous, excited about what each day can bring, I can help you get there. If you apply what I teach you, you will have the ability to see yourself and your life through a new lens.
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It's time to feel good again.
You are meant for more joy and are capable of more than you ever thought possible.
Here is how it works.
Each day of the week, I will teach you a new workshop related to one of the pillars of wellness. You will have the chance to interact with me live, ask questions, and get coached on issues specific to what you are struggling with.

Not sure what you would ask? That is okay! You will be able to apply what I teach in your own life just by listening to the coaching others receive.

Can’t make it live? Watch the replays of all the workshops and coaching on your own time.

What happens after 5 days? I got you. Participants will get a special bonus offer if you want to continue working with me!

NOTE: All workshops will be posted in Be Bold at no additional charge so if you're a member, you don't need to register for this unless you want to attend the live calls.