Wellness is your natural state. Let's get you back there.

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Don't Miss Out!  

May 30 - June 3, 2022
12:00pm - 1:30pm PDT
Classes will be recorded and given to you.

**Daily class replays will be posted in Be Bold at no additional charge to members.
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What is Wellness Week?

Are you tired of winter? Tired of the cold and snow and darkness? Ready for sunshine? I can help. I know how to bring the sun.

Ok, not literally.

I can’t control the elements.

But I can help you find what you truly desire, which is a re-awakening of your soul. Just as this time of year means blossoms on trees, baby chicks and goats, and the awakening of everything from the grass to the bears in nature, it is natural for us to feel a desire to also awaken from challenges and return to wellness.


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Let's begin by understanding wellness...
Wellness is defined by the World Health Organization as a state of health, happiness and prosperity. And we achieve this state by focusing on 5 main pillars.

1. Emotional Health
2. Physical Health
3. Financial Health
4. Social Health
5. Spiritual Health

During wellness week we will dive into 1 pillar each day and I will teach you why the way most people think about these topics is keeping them stuck. I’ll teach you why getting leverage over any one, or all of these areas is easier than you think. I’ll show you how to do the work required to restore health in each area, and we will do the work together during Wellness Week.

Give me 90 minutes a day for 5 days in a row.

I promise you will feel like a newborn chick excited about the potential the world has to offer you by the end. I know, if you apply what I’ll teach you, that you will see yourself and your life through a new lens.

Come live if you can because I’ll be interacting with you throughout this workshop.

If you can’t, make sure you watch each class daily and follow along with the work I’ll give you to do. You’ll have the same transformation this way as well.
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  • Monday 5/30: Emotional Wellness
  • Tuesday 5/31: Physical Wellness
  • Wednesday 6/1: Financial Wellness
  • Thursday 6/2: Social Wellness
  • Friday 6/3: Spiritual Wellness
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All for $19. That's right. 
You are meant for joy and capable of more than you know.
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Here's How It Works

Each day of the week will be a new workshop taught by Jody and the chance to interact with her live to ask all your questions and get coached.

Too shy to ask Jody yourself? That's ok! You'll feel the real life application that comes from listening to others get help and coaching from Jody on the calls. 

Watch replay recordings of all calls and classes as you go through the program in case you can’t attend live or you choose to revisit anything you are learning. 

Participants will also get a special bonus offer if they decide to keep working with Jody down the road. Not interested? No pressure. No worries. Keep the workshop recordings and use them to improve yourself and your life.

NOTE: All workshops will be posted in Be Bold at no additional charge so if you're a member, you don't need to register for this unless you want to attend the live calls.

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And it's only $19
Isn't your mental and emotional health worth it?
This Program Is Ideal For
This Program Is Ideal For:

People with kids of all ages or no kids at all.

People who are interested in personal development and learning about human behavior.

Anyone wanting to be stronger, happier and more empowered in any area of their lives.

People who want to set goals and conquer them.

Anyone who has found the podcast to resonate with them.

Anyone who understand that the best gift they can give their loved ones is a happy, healthy thriving version of themselves.

This Program Is Ideal For
This program is NOT for everyone. It's only for individuals who are willing to do hard things. It's for the person who has been taking care of everyone else and deserves to have someone take care of them. It's for people who are unique and amazing even if they don't always see it themselves. 
This Program Is Ideal For