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Hello Friends!

Hello there. I’m Jody. I am a Certified Life Coach, a mother to 4 kiddos, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and a woman doing her best to be a little better each day. I get the honor of helping thousands of people just like you who want to feel better. People who want to solve their problems and tackle their goals but they aren’t sure how to get out of a rut or get moving. To learn more about me, click below.

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I used to lose my cool with my 4 kids all the time and live in internal strife over everyday challenges. Because I have learned these tools and practice them, my life is so much more peaceful and I am all around healthier in my thinking which has resulted to more stable moods and a generally more positive attitude. I am just so grateful for this program, Jody, and the tools I’ve learned. I feel all of it aligns perfectly with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but it has been presented to me in a way that has helped me understand my mission in this life, my worth, and Christ’s Love for me in a way that I didn’t understand it before. I have had my testimony strengthened and my understanding of the scriptures is clearer now. Be Bold has truly been an answer to my prayers!

Anna Wagner

I wondered if it was something I would stick with, or if I’d get tired of it and quit. I’ve lost 35 pounds. I’m more confident in my relationships, and I like being a mom a lot more. I recommend this program to anyone, but especially to those who feel like your life isn’t what you think it should be, or what you wanted it to be. I’ve stuck with it and it is changing my life.

Betsy Olsen

Although I have always been interested in learning about mental and emotional health, I honestly had never considered hiring a life coach. When I started to work with Jody EVERYTHING changed. I used to have regrets about the past. I used to think that if I did something different then I would FEEL better and then I would BE better. I often felt disappointed in myself. I can honestly say that most of the time “I like me” and I like my journey because it has taken me exactly where I need to be. I’m planning on being a lifetime member of “Be Bold”. Do you pay to have your teeth cleaned? Do you pay for your kids to take music lessons to develop themselves? Do you pay to go to the gym? This program is maintenance on me. And I’m worth it.

Dana Cork

My very full life of raising six children, including one with special needs, has been lonely at times. Jody has shown me that it is ok to cry…it really is! It is ok to be sad or to feel overwhelmed with the care that fills my days. I have learned to accept myself for myself and embrace who I am. My husband loves this program, as well. He has said many times that he has seen a huge change in my thoughts and he loves what I am learning. In the process, he is learning as well. I love Jody for her ability to communicate this coaching program. She is honest, and so easy to follow. Her examples are simple, the way she interacts with others is powerful. I am so grateful for her and that she learned this when she did, and now is teaching it to others. I love the Be Bold program.

Sherrine Hayward

I wanted my husband to learn these tools and to apply them to his life. I wanted him to learn how to manage his emotions. I needed my husband to change, he was the one that had a hard time dealing with his emotions, not me! What Jody taught me was, it was me who needed to really apply these tools. I now have the relationship I have always wanted with my husband. Be bold has changed my marriage, my home organization, my weight loss, my relationship with my teenagers, time management literally every aspect of my life, including my sex life!

Dawn Miller

Be Bold is the most loving and life changing gift I have ever given myself. I feel like I am a different person than I was 6 months ago. I have the confidence to make decisions and take action in my life. I know I have the ability to create exactly what I want in my life regardless of my circumstances. I have treated and coached my child through eating disorder recovery. I believe it was only because of this program that I was able to do this and not blame myself or feel sorry for my circumstances. I feel so incredibly grateful to Jody for being bold and putting her work out in the world. She has spoken to me like no one else could. When learning to solve my own problems, I have needed her no nonsense direction and specific instruction. I am now a confident and strong woman and I believe there is nothing I cannot do in this world.

Natalie Sanford

Before joining Be Bold, I would listen to Jody’s podcast and I felt like she was expressing my feelings and concerns better than I could. I knew she understood me. And as I dove into the program, she gave me the tools I needed to create a more meaningful life for myself. My life is far from perfect and blissful all the time, but I feel like Jody has helped me to realize that my dreams and my happiness are completely within MY control. That is a beautiful gift she has given me. I recommend Be Bold to EVERYONE. Everyone needs Jody Moore in their life.

Sara Payne

Before joining Be Bold, I wondered if I really needed anything besides the podcast. Now, I would recommend this program to everyone and I do! It’s hard for me to shut up about it. I feel much more in control of my life. I truly feel like I can take on so much more in my daily life thanks to my new perspective. All of my relationships have improved and I’m a happier person overall. I am more in control of my food and my mood. Parenting has become easier for me and I love what my kids are also learning because of this program. I can’t say enough about this program! It has helped with my relationships, my church calling, my food addiction, parenting, goal-setting, and decision-making.

Kristal Stapley

I feel there is a miracle that happened with this program with my 18 year old son. He was struggling with some personal problems, desiring to prepare to serve a mission, feeling like he wasn’t knowing how to be himself, and lots of drama between all of that. I taught him some basics about what I’ve learned here and the way his life has changed in the past 4 months is truly astounding. He has been able to determine more what it feels like to show up as himself. How to show love for him and for others, and even break up with his girlfriend from a place of love because he came to know for himself he needed to be 100% focused on preparing for his mission. He has found more peace, clarity of mind, and level thinking. What a gift these tools have been and will be as he enters into adulthood instead of learning them when he is old like his mom!

Amy Curnow

Since working with Jody, I can better navigate my relationships. I am always so happy and when I’m not, I’m here with that and it passes quickly. I am medicated for depression and this program has helped me to permanently change my negative thought patterns. I recommend her all the time! It’s life changing information! It’s empowering to have everything in your control and to set goals that are within my control!

EmyLee McIntyre

I joined Jody’s program because I needed help managing my brain so I could take massive action in my business and my life. This program has done that 100%. I can’t imagine my life without a coach. Glad I found Jody. She’s a perfect fit for me. I will gladly give up electricity (if it came to that) over losing this program! It’s a must in my life!!

Heather Mitchell

I joined Jody’s program because I was tired of feeling negative. I have always gone through up and down cycles in my work, my marriage, my church service, pretty much everything. I’m a get it done kind of person and I have no patience for whining. If somethings wrong, fix it…but when it came to me I couldn’t “fix” my attitude long term. Today…I want to shout from the rooftops to the world that the answers are right here, within you! I have encouraged my brother, my husband, my daughters, my mother, and anyone who will listen to try this on. Thank you Jody! I don’t think I’ve ever loved a stranger more. I will be eternally grateful and I will stand at your judgement and sing your praises and testify to the redeeming principles you instilled in me.

Marci Hinnen

The changes in my life since joining this program have been huge! It brings such a different perspective on life. I feel like I’m living my life with intention. Intention on who I want to be and how I want to feel! I now am aware of my thoughts and how they affect me. I no longer let other people’s feelings/moods influence mine. That has been the most powerful thing for me!! I would recommend this program to anyone that breathes! These are powerful concepts at reasonable prices. It’s a gym membership for your emotional will being! Thank you Jody for being you and teaching the way you do! Thank you for helping change the way I show up and the way I will teach my children to show up!!

Stephanie Hull

WowZa, this coaching program has over delivered from what I originally expected out of a self-improvement program! I have improved my self-confidence; my relationship with my Heavenly Father, family, friends, and coworkers; as well as created a renewed zest and excitement for life and living! I feel like I have been given a powerful drug which has created a extreme high in my life! Jody’s podcasts, coaching, lessons, and homework assignments have increased my capacity for happiness in this life and hopefully the next! Of course, if you want to be the best YOU ever and help others to do the same, why wouldn’t you join for only $49.00 a month? It is a mind altering program-better than any other self-improvement program I have ever been a part of! When this program is combined with fasting and prayer, scripture study and personal revelation, I feel like I can conquer any challenge in my life with finesse!

Celinda Palmer

I used to consistently have thought loops that didn’t serve me and would send me into my default of angry cleaning. Then no matter what happened before, I’d end up being the one that brought negative emotions into my house. Since working with Jody, my lows haven’t seemed so low, and things aren’t that big of a deal. I have been doing better at keeping my emotions in more of a neutral area instead of being off the charts in both directions. I highly recommend Be Bold to others because Jody teaches how to really be in control of your thoughts. I love feeling in control. I love not taking on other people’s stuff, too. It’s amazingly freeing when you become curious about yourself and others. I love listening to the coaching calls because I learn so much from others.

Joslin Hebertson

I really love the monthly classes Jody teaches. I would pay to be in the membership just for those! I like how in depth the concepts are covered and I often go back and re-listen to them. I’ve never been coached on a call (not that I don’t need coaching) but I am constantly plugging my issues into the things Jody is coaching others on. I am amazed at how many insights and helpful ideas I am able to apply to my own life as I listen. I appreciate the VIP & Elite calls. Having a group that is more familiar with The Model and other concepts makes a difference on the coaching calls. They seem to get to the core issues faster and seem to be very productive calls!

Misty Thomas

 It was hard initially to pay the membership fee. I have a hard time spending money on myself. I listened to Jodys podcast and her weekly calls and I found such big changes in applying this and in how I am showing up that there’s no doubt that its absolutely worth it. I now view this as important for my mind as buying fresh produce is for my body. I wake up with anxiety every day and the this work has helped me understand the power that I have within my own thoughts to create whatever feeling I want to have. I love that I now understand that my mood or my joy are not dependent on others. I also love teaching this to my five girls ages 16, 14, 10, 6,2 This is applicable at any age. My hope is that my girls will get so used to running the model that it’s part of their life.

Michelle Charles

I joined Jody’s Be Bold community in an effort to up level my marriage, my relationships with my daughters, my weight, and my interior design business. I was feeling stuck in self doubt, negativity, and a victim mentality in a lot of these areas. My concerns in each of these areas have been alleviated through consistent application of the work she teaches. I tell everyone I know about this program. I love seeing how Jody teaches LDS gospel principles in simple, clear ways. Her examples help me re-frame how I see the world. Life Changing!

Whittlee Hamblin

Before working with Jody, I was nervous that it might not work for me, and I didn’t know where to start. I felt like there were a lot of things to work on. My concerns have been lifted because Jody is amazing, and she helps and empowers us to do the work for ourselves while still being available for help and coaching often. She said to start anywhere, and that truly worked! I am overall happier, and even when I’m not happy, I don’t feel guilty about that. It’s such a relief to know that emotions aren’t bad… especially negative ones. Feeling emotions, really feeling them, has changed my life and helped me move forward and be a more confident person.

Heather Spiel

This is not a quick fix program but I have definitely made improvements and more than that, it has changed my whole outlook on life and motherhood and being a human being! I understand so much better now that my job is to just love. My kids, my husband, everyone! I don’t need to change them to make me happier or less annoyed, I just need to accept them and love them and accept and love myself. I highly recommend Be Bold to any and everyone who wants to get serious about looking in the mirror and making changes to themselves and their lives!

Emily Wardrop

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